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Mobile HR solutions to help you engage remote employees

August 17th 2018

Whether there are 20 or 2 000 employees in the company, when you have remote workers on the team, you need a clever way to keep them involved.

It’s amazing what technology enables us to do these days. For example, I can land a full-time job in Digital Marketing on the other side of the globe and work for a company that doesn’t even have a physical office on the same continent.

From the HR’s point of view, this means an infinite pool of professionals in every business area. You could recruit a team of brilliant UI/UX designers from a small country such as Bulgaria and that would be far more affordable than a US-based team.

That sounds exciting before we get to the BUT. As an experienced HR professional, you know too well the price for that.

The HR pain with remote employees

Probably the biggest question that keeps you up at night is how to involve the remote workers into the team dynamics and build trust. You know better than me how important is to meet people in person. The more often you interact with someone, the more inclined you are to like them and eventually trust them.

So it’s crucial that you figure out how to involve the remote employees in the company culture. Surely, there are a lot of Web-based tools for keeping everyone on the same track with the tasks. Slack is great for that.

Then you can reach out and organize conference Skype calls regularly or host annual or bi-annual face-to-face meetings. There are a lot of good practices you could implement to establish a clear communication and review processes.

As you well know, the work process is not all about work. Especially if you have to manage a creative team or a team of developers that has part of the people working remotely. To build something together as a team, the people in it have to trust each other’s skills and judgment.

How can that happen when they can’t even put their colleague’s name to faces? The guys and gals working outside of the office space don’t get news, updates, they are left out of the company life.

Involve them with an app

At Appzio we build apps for a living so we’ve seen a thing or two. Here are some ideas that can be implemented into an HR mobile app and solve some of the problems with remote employees.

Push messages at the right time

Mobile push notifications are the best tool to keep the users of the app involved. In your case — the remote team. You can send out relevant messages to them at the right time of the day according to their time zone. Whether it’s about company updates, tasks at hand or even the latest inside joke that’s circulating in the office. If done the right way, push notifications can help you keep everyone on the same page not only with tasks but also with the company culture.

Track progress

You have tools for that, I get it. But think about how convenient it would be for remote employees to be able to track and measure their progress right on their smartphones. A well-made HR app could easily be integrated with your company’s existing tools and data and provide an easier way to asses performance.

Keep track of the schedule

Days off or sick days out of the blue — they usually affect how the team is doing. With an app, all employees in the office (or not) can check and fill that information real-time, regardless of their location. You can again take advantage of the push notifications and send reminders to all when someone’s vacation is due to start.

Give feedback with gamification

We’ve actually already done a whole app for that. One of our clients and later our investor — UniCredit Bulbank came to us with that ask. In terms of your remote employees issue, a gamified feedback functionality within a mobile app can help make people bond. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it brings real value. You can read more in the whitepaper about UniCredit BulBank’s case here.

Mandatory trainings

You know how hard it is to implement a new tool or a new practice within the company. It’s twice as hard when you have a large number of remote workforce. That is why a lot of companies have multiple internal applications that share their lore. Such tools are good, still, it feels like bringing a big bag of encyclopedias with you. Without guidance, you are not likely to use them.

Employees like the proactive approach and also prefer to get digested information. That’s easier with an app. It could bring all the previous lore alongside new features that bring value on a daily basis. To mention some: process optimizations, employees surveys, feedback generation and others mentioned in this article.

Issue reporting

This is something that can be directly implemented into a certain team’s job routine. As I mentioned earlier, if an app is truly well-built it can be integrated with your company’s systems very easy. It would be so much faster for all, especially for your remote employees, to report an issue right from their mobile devices. This can ultimately save time, nerves and keep the team happy and performing.

There are many other options that can be explored. As an HR professional, you have plenty of hands-on experience with issues that you face when dealing with the remote workforce. So let us know what you see as a must for your team.

If you have an idea of how you can solve your problems with an app, you can get a quick estimation here.

POST BY Kristina Ivanova

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