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“From App Idea to Business” in 2019

June 3rd 2019

“Here’s the ugly truth – your idea is worthless. It is nothing without proper execution, timing and team.”

There are many books promising to tell you the secrets to turn your app idea into a million dollar business. This is not one of them. We don’t know the secrets nor we have a step-by-step guide that guarantees your success if you work hard enough.

What we have is experience. Plenty of it. We have seen first-hand both successful and failed mobile app projects. We know how the process looks like from the moment the idea comes to mind to the moment the app is launched and acquires its first users.

“From App Idea to Business” is a practical roadmap based on our years of experience. It’s not a concrete formula to success but rather an overview that gives you the outlines of the journey that is ahead of you. As an appreneur you will have to discover plenty on your own, perhaps you won’t even find everything you need in our guide. But you will get a starting point and a direction to pursue your idea and see it through.

Who this book is for

A successful mobile app business takes a lot more than just a great idea. During our years of experience with mobile development for both large and smaller companies, we have witnessed many brilliant ideas that failed. What the latter all have in common is their founders’ inability to see the bigger picture of the app development process. While it’s a lot like starting any other business, it is very different in many ways. There’s a lot more to consider when it comes to app planning and development. We know how long, complicated and overwhelming the whole process looks like at the start. That’s why we created this guide for you, the emerging appreneurs. We want to help you see the process from an eagle’s eye, to explain it as humanly as possible so it doesn’t look so frustrating anymore. We also aimed to give you only practical advice and point out different tools that will help you with your day-to-day challenges.

What this guide contains

As mentioned earlier, this book is a practical roadmap that shapes the outlines of every aspect of the app business journey. We take it from the Ideation phase all the way to the Marketing of your finished product.

First, we guide you through the validation of your idea. Does it solve a real problem? Is it a better solution than the ones that already exist? Who needs it and how badly? Those are just some of the questions we will help you find the answers to. During the Ideation phase, it’s also important to ask yourself “What do I want to achieve with this app?”. Your goal will set the tone for everything that happens next. That’s why we have a dedicated part to help you determine your level of ambition for your app project and the resources you will need to achieve it.

After shaping your idea and setting your goals, it’s time to plan your application and its features and functionalities. You will learn how to create a good project brief to get realistic offers from external development partners. We will help you with useful templates and tips that you can use to further clarify your concept to your development team or partner.

There’s a part in this guide where we pay special attention to the choice of technology to build your app. This is also tightly connected to the level of ambition you have set for yourself in the beginning. We will also cover the development process and give you tips on how to deal with those obscure creatures that dream in 1s and 0s called developers. We’ll tell you what to expect at the end of the development phase and what to consider before you dive right into user acquisition and Marketing.

By the time you finish ‘’From App Idea to Business’’ you will get the full picture of what it takes to create a successful mobile app project, from start to finish. You will gain a clear idea of where you stand now and where you need to go. Most importantly – this guide will show you the direction and the steps to get there.

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POST BY Kristina Ivanova

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