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The value of your app determines its success

POST BY Kristina Ivanova

With so many mobile apps that keep popping up, one can start thinking that every possible idea is already out there. This perception is probably due to the number of innovations we are exposed to which is more than that of any other generation before us. We simply have started to accept innovation as something…

Mobile HR solutions to help you engage remote employees

POST BY Kristina Ivanova

Whether there are 20 or 2 000 employees in the company, when you have remote workers on the team, you need a clever way to keep them involved. It’s amazing what technology enables us to do these days. For example, I can land a full-time job in Digital Marketing on the other side of the…

Improve Logistics: Collect real-time data with an app

POST BY Kristina Ivanova

With large logistics operations all happening at the same time it’s crucial that you collect accurate real-time data to help you make the right cost-efficient decisions. Logistics is one of the industries that have the hardest times with innovations. Yet it’s also one of the industries that need them the most. The reason behind it…

Retail: Take loyalty to the next level with an app

POST BY Kristina Ivanova

Retail has always been about returning customers. Today it’s time to step into the future and turn your loyalty programs into loyalty mobile apps. Centuries ago merchants realized one simple truth. Returning customers rock! They spend more, they recommend your business and as times passes they are more unlikely to leave you. That is how…

Introducing: FinTech apps

POST BY Kristina Ivanova

FinTech apps put the customer experience first. They set an example for many other mobile solutions in different niches. In this article, I will highlight one of the best practices used in building a top-notch FinTech app. The disruptors FinTech companies are on the rise and that’s no wonder. With the vast majority of them…

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